Life Narrow Space transcription

Life Narrow Space transcription

- I've had a wonderful life , no money, but enough to live on . Now, I've painted most everything, and I think I've had my share of sorrows. I couldn't think of anything else, and I, and I can't think of a thing in the world but hog killin', and I said everybody in the country gotta have a little fresh meat for Christmas. That was really true back there then. After you raised them, you don't mind. Have to see them after they are killed and dressed. They look mighty pretty .

I dreamt that scene exactly. It was one that was just so familiar to me with a storm coming up, and generally there were clothes on the line. You having to get up the chickens in your apron or dress, whatever you had you could catch them up in.

Mama was the 16th child, and I've had nine children, and have seven living children, and I was one of 12 children. And I was married in 1908. I was just 19 then . He was 33, 14 years older than I, smoked a pipe. He loved that pipe.

I can't copy. I'm not a good copyist. I reckon, I think maybe I can, I think I can improve on what I got to draw. I don't know whether that's it or not.

I don't like to call it just "Country Auction". It's so obvious what it is, end of the, of this generation, and end of the man, his belongings, the "End of the Line", so that's what I called it.

Dogs are always 'round in the country, hound dogs or just, just dogs, and more so than cats. You see some cats, but not as many as you do dogs. You see every kind of description of dogs.