Links, Bibliography & Discography, Dry Wood

Links, Bibliography & Discography, Dry Wood

Links - Filmmaker Les Blank's website including his biography, filmography, articles, and links. - An informed and impressively organized collection of information on Louisiana's Living Traditions including articles and essays, maps, resources, educational guides and lesson plans, photo gallery, and more! - A kind of central clearinghouse for the Cajun and Zydeco music scene, including information, scheduling, bands and artists, writings, festivals and events, promotion, The ZydE-zine magazine, CZ humor, on-line music, and worldwide links. - A extensive listing of commercially released recorded music and artist information, with search and ordering capabilities.


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Louisiana Hot Sauce record cover 1992 Louisiana Hot Sauce, Creole Style. Arhoolie CD 381.
La Musique Creole record cover 1996 La Musique Creole. Arhoolie 445.
Allons Danser record cover 1998 Allons Danser. Rounder Records.

Other Recordings

1966 Boisec: La Musique Creole. Arhoolie 1070.

1976 Zodico: Louisiana Creole Music. Rounder Records 6009. A CD version is currently under preparation for release as Zydeco Roots.

1992 Cajun Fiddle Styles, Vol. 1 (Side A). Arhoolie 5031.


Les Blank has produced a number of films on Louisiana culture, food, and music including Hot Pepper and Spend It All. For a complete catalog of Les Blank's films, click here.