Suggested Reading, Celebracion del Matrimonio

Suggested Reading, Celebracion del Matrimonio

Lamadrid, Enrique.  “Las Entriegas: Ceremonial Music and Cultural Resistance on the UpperRio Grande.  Research Notes and Catalog of the Cipriano Vigil Collection, 1985-1987,” New Mexico Historical Review, 65:1 (Jan., 1990), 1-19.

An informative essay on the historical development of the Entriega ceremony in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, during a long period when the region had, first, a chronic shortage of priests and then dissonance between 19th-century French priests and values of “the folk religion rooted in Franciscan practices and the native New Mexican clergy.”  Lamadrid discusses the Entriega as part of “a distinctive para-liturgy” that united and gave community sanction to a new couple.  Its five sections are an Invocation establishing the “divine and community authority vested in the entregador,” the “Verses from the Holy Scriptures,” the “Verses from the Church,” the “Advice” (“appropriate and full of practical wisdom”) to the novios, and the “Verses for the People” in which the entregador improvises lines (often humorous) for each person present.  Lamadrid writes that the Entriega gives “final sanction and ‘last word’” even today to “the voice and values of the traditional community.”   An electronic text of this article and others in the New Mexico Historical Review is available to qualifying users at subscribing universities and libraries.

Lamadrid, Enrique R., Jack Loeffler, and Miguel A. Gandert.  Los Tesoros del Espíritu: Familia y Fe: A Portrait in Sound of Hispanic New Mexico.  Embudo, N.M.: El Norte Publications, 1994; Albuquerque: University of New Mexico [distributor].

An anthology with photographs and three cassette recordings, emphasizing the Indo-Hispanic traditions from the colonial period, mestizo cultural heritage, spiritual traditions, occupational folklore, life-cycle panorama, and contemporary folk life.

Loeffler, Jack, with Katherine Loeffler and Enrique R. Lamadrid, and photographs by Jack Parsons.  La Música de los Viejitos: Hispano Folk Music of the Río Grande del Norte.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1999.

An anthology of texts and musical transcriptions, with photographs and musical recordings on CD.  Pages 128-131 feature a short essay on traditional weddings and the musical score of a performance of the “Marcha de los novios” and the music and an abbreviated text of Cipriano Vigil’s “Entriega de los novios.”