The Full Entriega (English)

The Full Entriega (English)

Socorro Herrera’s Entriega (in English)

Performed for the wedding of Cecilia Martínez and William Romero.  Only five stanzas of its forty-two stanzas could be included in the film. Translation by Professor Enrique Lamadrid.

            I begin by what I found in God
            and in Him of the Virgin Mary.
            I come to give over these newlyweds
            with gusto and happiness.

            They say that in a wedding
            the entriega is the most beautiful part.
            Today I include in the blessing
            parents, relatives, and godparents.

            How small and precious the entriega,
            the entriega and the blessing.
            Judges, may you protect them
            from all evil and betrayal!

            Bride, here today I give you over,
            at last the day has come for you.
            You look so alone,
            like the Virgin Mary.

            You are a beautiful bride,
            two proud gardens.
            At last today you will leave us
            to go please your husband.

            Hear what I am telling you,
            now everything will change.
            At last today you will leave us
            to go please your husband.

            Hear what I am telling you,
            now everything will change.
            No longer will you have your parents
            so you can spoil yourself.

            There I will give to your husband,
            that will be your duty.
            Because behind a good man
            there is always a good woman.

            William, here today I give you over,
            I come to congratulate you.
            Now everything is finished for you,
            they’ve got you by the collar.

            Don’t think you’re so great,
            I only want to frighten
            “Fifty/fifty” is the contract
            and both should cooperate.

            You are a handsome groom,
            we never get tired of looking at you.
            May the Holy child watch over you,
            and grant you good luck.

            You are a married man,
            don’t forget it.
            There won’t be my voice,
            no any beer, now it’s pure work.

            Above all your wife,
            then comes everyone else.
            Now each is the other,
            and may God’s will be done.

            Marriage is sacred,
            not for one day or two.
            It is for all eternity,
            as long as both of you live.

            These godparents are here
            as both of you wanted.
            They are the witnesses you have
            in the presence of God.
            Robert, Roberta Valdez,
            some beloved children.
            May health and courage enlighten you
            so lovely the four of you.

            Also to Florence and
            the most beautiful couple.
            Pete, Tina, Morris and Nadine,
            flowering on your own.

            Where are Duane and Karen,
            that sailor and Anita?
            Also to Gerald and Audry
            may the little Virgin watch over you.

            To the parents of these newlyweds
            here I come to give you praise.
            Today you give over your children,
            that God will entrust you with.

            Thanks to Canuto and to Lovie,
            may God fill them with health.
            So they may see their children
            content and full of virtue.

            To Florita and to Beto
            and all their little children,
            God will watch over you
            so you will all enjoy each other together.

            The groom is blessed,
            he has many grandparents.
            Abel and Annie Romero
            Verónica and Azuzarita.

            José Rómulo Martínez,
            granpa Cecilio and Sofía.
            May the Virgin watch over them for me,
            and fill them with peace and happiness.

            To Juan Antonio Ocaña today
            I come to entrust them to you.
            And to Bernardita Archuleta
            much love will you give to her.

            To godmother Lupe Moya
            for the bride’s confirmation.
            And godparents of baptism,
            Jesús and Conchita Maldonado.

            To every one of the Campos
            they are with heart.
            I begin with uncle Fernando,
            godfather of the confirmation.

            Victor and Lisa Trujillo,
            to you goes a hug.
            o Robert, Craig and to Jerry,
            the beloved little brothers.

            Karen, Loretta and to Florence,
            Monica, Alexandra and Lupita,
            To brother Genaret Martínez,
            and there goes his little friend.

            I can’t forget aunt Cecilia,
            nor uncle Faustín,
            Uncle Leroy and Cornelia,
            Feliberto and his Geraldine.

            To all of the Trujillos,
            to aunt Josie and to Clarita,
            To Dan, Lucy, Abe and Agnes,
            and then José and Angelita.

            To uncle Ben and to Cecilia,
            José, Alire and Juanita,
            To uncle Adolfo and Olibama,
            Ricardo and to Isabelita.

            To Elizaido and to Valerio,
            those from El Rito will give you whisky,
            Ricardo and Emilia Manzanares
            and all the little cousins.

            To aunt Ida Manzanares
            and all of those relatives,
            To all of those from around here
            and relatives from far away.

            To the little cousins of the groom
            may he never forget them.
            Today they are Campos and more Campos
            and I’m going to forget some.

            To Roy, to Ronald and to Eva,
            Michelle, Edward and Danielito,
            To that “Thomas the third,”
            well long live the little cousins.

            Joseph and Rebeca Gálvez,
            Lucas and Jesse Trujillo,
            Jim and Prescila
            other special cousins.

            Also Benjamín Valdez,
            to you greetings and a hug,
            Long live Carolyn Valdez
            and all those of El Rito!

            For the uncle of the bride
            I don’t want to make an omission.
            He is Ismael Jaramillo,
            God will watch over them.

            The godfathers and godmothers
            already know their obligation.
            I already tired out their godchildren,
            you give them the blessing.

            To the “Rancheros del Norte,”
            a thousand thanks I would like to give.
            And long live those from Ojo
            as soon as I can pay them!

            But a child is very brave
            perhaps because he is a García.
            With his beautiful music
            that fills you full of happiness.

            Thanks to all the dear parents
            for having invited me.
            Here you have your children
            all blessed and given to each other.

            Protect today these newlyweds,
            Virgin of the Pure Conception.
            With your powerful hand
            give them your blessing.

            I now take my leave and say good bye,
            a thousand thanks I want to give you.
            Don’t forget Socorro
            if you will need entriegas.