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Web Links and Suggested Readings, Jazz Parades: Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Web Links and Suggested Readings, Jazz Parades: Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Web Links

African Diaspora Music and Expressive Culture -- A comprehensive bibliography of sources related to African Diaspora Music and Expressive Culture (i.e., The African Background of American Culture through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade). Compiled by Michael Stone [email protected], of the Department of Anthropology at Hartwick College. Project support by the NEH Summer Institute and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, June 1998.

A Brief History of New Orleans Jazz--This history was prepared by a National Park Service study team to be included in the Special Resource Study and Environmental Assessment of Suitable/Feasible Alternatives for the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park in 1993.

Clapping On Two and Four--Essay by Kalamu ya Salaam that addresses two seminal, albeit frequently overlooked, characteristics of public performance in the Black cultural context. The first aspect is the use of the music as a language and the second is the function of performance as a means of achieving social stability and cohesion. This essay was originally published in the 2001 Louisiana Folklife Festival booklet.

Folklife in Louisiana--Website created by the Louisiana Folklife Program, within the Louisiana Division of the Arts, to identify, document, conserve, and present the folk cultural resources of Louisiana. The site contains a wealth of resources to help you learn, teach, and plan projects about Louisiana folk traditions.

A History of New Orleans by Donald McNabb & Louis E."Lee" Madère, Jr. A first draft of this manuscript was completed in late 1983, just prior to the 1984 New Orleans World Exposition. Revisions and updates were undertaken in 1991 and are continuing today. The manuscript is being entered as time permits. Louis E."Lee" Madère, Jr., November, 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana. Copyright © 1983, 1991, 1995-2003. All Rights Reserved.

Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns --Website sponsored by PBS related to Ken Burns’ documentary series Jazz: A History of America’s Music. Site features an impressive collection of biographies, film transcripts, transcribed interviews with musicians, timelines, historical and contextual materials, sound and video clips, interactive activities for young adults, study guides for educators, and much more.

LOUISiana Digital Library -- Louisiana's doorway to the unique cultural and historical resources of Louisiana's libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.

Louisiana Folklife Bibliography--A list of publications and books related to Louisiana folklife that are readily available. Compiled by the Louisiana Folklife Program,

New Orleans Jazz Funerals: Transition to the Ancestors --Dissertation (Ph.D) abstract by Ardencie Hall (1998, New York University). This dissertation examines jazz funerals as an African retention and as a sign of resistance against the dominant structure, while providing a model for how the event might be adapted for the theatre in the future.

Select Bibliography on Jazz in Film and Video—A comprehensive list compiled by the Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress.

“The Treasured Traditions of Louisiana Music”--Ben Sandmel wrote this essay for Louisiana Voices in 2003. Journalist, musician, and former riverboat deckhand, Ben Sandmel of New Orleans received a B.A. in Folklore from Indiana University. The author of Zydeco!, with photographer Rick Olivier, Sandmel is also the drummer and producer for The Hackberry Ramblers, a Cajun swing band. Sandmel is currently writing a book about New Orleans R&B singer Ernie K-Doe.

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