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Folk songs from the Ozarks. Bergenfield, N.J.: Prestige, 1961?  Prestige INT-DS-25006.

"Southern Journey: A Collection of Field Recordings from the South," Vol. 6.

Program notes by Alan Lomax on container. Recorded in 1959 with supplementary recordings made in Virginia and Georgia in 1960 by Alan Lomax.

Songs by Almeda Riddle: Merry Golden Tree, Alan Bain, and Lonesome Dove.


Songs and Ballads of the Ozarks / Almeda Riddle.

New York: Vanguard, 1964. Vanguard VRS-9158.

Program notes by Quincy Wolf. Contents: Black Jack Davey, The Orphan Girl, Chick-a-la-le-o, Locks and Bolts, The House Carpenter, Babes in the Woods, How Firm a Foundation, A Soldier of the Legion, Will the Weaver, Lady Gay, Young Carlotta, The Two Lovers, Frog Went a-Courtin'.


Ballads and Hymns from the Ozarks / Almeda Riddle.

Somerville, Mass.: Rounder Records, [1972], Rounder Records 0017.

Program notes and texts.  Contents:  Lady Margaret, Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow, The Old Church Yard,  My Old Cottage Home, The Merrimac at Sea, Rome County, How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours, The Four Marys, Peggy of Glasgow, The Butcher's Boy, The Nightingale Song, A man of constant sorrow.


Granny Riddle's Songs and Ballads.

Jackson Heights, N.Y.: Minstrel Records of Collegium Sound, 1977. Minstrel JD 203.

Note Program notes by Mark Gilston. Contents: Frog Went a-Courtin', Soldier of the Legion, Tom Sherman's Barroom, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Barbara Allen, Come All You Texas Rangers, The Orphan Girl, Children of the Heavenly King, The Oxford Girl, The Water is Wide.


More ballads and hymns from the Ozarks.

Somerville, Mass.: Rounder Records, 1978. Rounder Records 0083.

Almeda Riddle, unaccompanied vocals.  Program notes.  Contents:  The Brokedown Brakeman, I'm a Long Time Traveling Here Below, The Brisk Young Farmer, The Last Fierce Charge, A Comical Ditty, The Seashell Song, Locks and Bolts, Ten Thousand Miles Away, The Blood of the Old Red Rooster, The Prodigal's Career, The Lonesome Dove, Allen Bain.


How Firm a Foundation / sung by Almeda Riddle.

Mountain View, Ark.: Arkansas Traditions, 1985. Arkansas Traditions NR 16295-1.

Unaccompanied hymns, principally from shape-note songbooks.

Recorded by Gene Dunaway and Aubrey Richardson at Mountain View, Ark.

Contents:  Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Star of Bethlehem, Worldwide Peace, They Sang that Old Time Religion, Twilight is Stealing, Sons of Sorrow, There is a Happy Land, How Firm a Foundation, My Old Cottage Home, Time Has Made a Change in Me, Amazing Grace, Sweet Rivers, Vain World Adieu.


Ozark Frontier.

Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, 1997. Rounder Records CD 1707.

Original field recordings produced and recorded by Alan Lomax, with the assistance of Shirley Collins. Includes booklet ([20] p. : ill.) with lyrics, notes by Alan Lomax.
Portions originally issued in 1961 as Prestige INT-DS-25006, “Southern Journey,” vol. 6, Folk Songs from the Ozarks.

Includes previously unreleased material recorded in Ark. in 1959. Songs by Almeda Riddle: Bury Me beneath the Willow,,Merry Golden Tree, The Titanic, Alan Bain, Rainbow 'mid Life's Willows, Lonesome Dove, Down in Arkansas.


Individual song performances by Almeda Riddle appear in a number of other album anthologies.


Recordings—Website Links

The Ozark Collection of Folksongs from the University of Arkansas.


Alan Lomax Geo, Association for Cultural Equity:


48 performances, generally two stanzas only. Full performances of songs on this site are included in one or more of the albums above.