Featured Songs

Featured songs:

May K. McCord, “Farewell” (archival recording, courtesy of the American Folklife Center)

Judy Domeny Bowen, “Down in the Willow Garden” (traditional)

Big Smith, “Dirty Old James” (original)

Carol Frazier, “Ozark Hills.” Performed by Carol Frazier, written by Verna Gardner

Garnett Peacock, “Mama Please Stay Home With Me” (traditional)

Linda Thomas, Dan DeLancey “Cold Frosty Morning” (traditional)

Kim and Jim Lansford, “The Sad Song” (traditional)

Virginia Snyder, “Little Rosewood Casket” (traditional)

Violet Long, “Pretty Little Miss” (traditional)

Hammer Sisters, “Listen to the Mockingbird”

Hammer Sisters, “Crooked Stovepipe” (traditional fiddle tune)

Violet Hensley, “We Burned the Cabbage” (traditional fiddle tune)

Jody Pearson, “Missouri Waltz” (McClurg General Store) (traditional)

Judy Domeny, “West Plains Explosion” (traditional)

Idabell Brandt, “Fly Around Daisy” (traditional)

Betty Craker Henderson and Country Color, “You Get a Line, I’ll Get a Pole” (traditional)

Carol Frazier, “The Whippoorwill Song” (aka “When It’s Time for the Whippoorwills to Sing” (traditional)

Hammer Sisters, “Arkansas River” (traditional)

Featured Jam sessions filmed at:

McClurg General Store Jam Session (McClurg, Missouri)

Mansfield Jamboree (Mansfield, Missouri)

Southwest Missouri State University Ozark Heritage Fest jam session featuring Liz Amos (fiddler) and Edna Mae Davis (calling) and the Ava Old-Time Dancers