Bronx Irish at the Ramparts--Channel 13 New York, NY--Press Release #1


Airs Sunday, March 25 at 11 p.m.

Every March 17th, the streets of midtown Manhattan overflow with people celebrating one of the most widely observed and spirited of New York's ethnic festivals - St Patrick's Day. Although the crowds seem to grow larger each year, the world that has sustained this celebration is sliding away, trickling down the expressways toward the suburbs and assimilation.

Airing on THIRTEEN on Sunday, March 25 at 11 p. m. THE BRONX IRISH AT THE RAMPARTS traces the century long progress of the Bronx Irish from the neighborhoods and parishes of the South Bronx - the first jut of mainland America they could remake in the image of their particular institutions and culture - to the Bronx's northern reaches, where the culture still survives and where many of the younger generation wait, poised to make the final entry into the suburban areas beyond the city (and beyond the world of the Bronx Irish) - yet not without a deep ambivalence.

This premiere presentation is part of the METROCOSMS continuing series of independent documentaries exploring the many worlds within the metropolitan area.