FAMILY ACROSS THE SEA, Teacher's Guide--Introduction

To accompany and enrich the film Family Across the Sea South Carolina Education Television developed a publication entitled Family Across the Sea—Teacher’s Guide (Columbia, S.C.: South Carolina ETV, 2003). The 17 pages of this booklet hold a lengthy text printed in three columns. They do include a four-page “Teacher’s Guide” and a Bibliography. But the booklet also holds many photographs, a set of background essays by Suzannah Smith Miles and by several other specialists about the Gullah people, their history, the Gullah language, Gullah tales, basket-making traditions, rice culture, and the history of African and American slavery. In one essay, Emery Campbell, director of the Penn School on St. Helena Island, discusses issues and needs of Gullah communities in the beginning of the 21st century. Appropriate selections from the booklet appear on line with the film Family Across the Seas and with related films on Folkstreams. But Teachers and others can read the entire Guide posted on line at