Pete and Toshi Seeger Recollections

Toshi Seeger: Peter is as good a cameraman as I am. He did this. We didn't have a life preserver for Tinya, so I stayed ashore.
Todd Harvey (AFC): Who is the cameraperson in the other boat?
Pete Seeger: In the other boat was our daughter, Mika, and she distracted the men. They kept looking over at her. My camera was firmly attached to the bow of the boat and I didn't have to do very much. [turns to TS] Was Danny in the boat with the sound?
TS: He was doing sound in the boat, I think, in front of you.
TH: So when you did filming, it was a family job.
TS: Oh, even Tinya.
PS: Who was only eight years old.
TS: She handled the battery pack.
TH: And did Danny do most of the sound?
TS: Yes.
PS: We had a Nagra.
TS: I think he did all the sound.
PS: I clapped my hands or something to sync it up.

See also Pete's description in The Incompleat Folksinger p.506-508