Hortense and Christine Miller

Meet Hortense and Christine Miller - sisters who have been quilting together for more than 25 years and have spent 10 years making quilts for each of their 19 grand nieces and nephews. The Miller sisters were born in Kansas and learned how to quilt by accompanying their mother to Ladies Aid meetings and keeping needles threaded for the quilters. While they have quilted together for much of their adult life, they have also spent a lot of that time competing and bragging about who could work the fastest or create the smallest stitches. We learn a lot about the various patterns Hortense and Christine are fond of and they even share advice on how to hide your knots, but it is the interaction between sisters that makes for entertaining viewing. Both the Miller sisters died in the 1980s but they left a legacy of quilts to family members all over the country.

"Isn't it sad that we don't have a single quilt of our own?"

"This is fun - to see how much we can get done in a day, set goals and achieve them, like to see how a pattern comes out. It's fascinating!!!"