Grandma's Bottle Village (1982)

This film and others in the "Visions of Paradise" series are no longer streaming on Contact the American Visionary Art Museum ( for more information.

Grandma Tressa Prisbrey built her first bottle house to hold her 17,000 pencils. This was the beginning of The Bottle Village in Simi Valley, Calif. At 84, Grandma Prisbrey is a vivacious guide to her brilliant houses crammed with objects scavenged from the county dump. At her wittiest-she sings, jokes with her older sister, and combs through the dump. The film is an exploration of Grandma Prisbrey's creativity, pizzazz and sense of the absurd.The film lovingly documents the interiors of 15 of her houses, including Cleopatra's Bedroom, The Round House, as well as the marvelous sidewalk mosaics -- all masterpieces of assemblage art and tapestries of artifacts from the first half of the 20th century.

Grandma's Bottle Village is part of the "Visions of Paradise" series on contemporary folk artists directed and produced by Irving Saraf and Allie Light. The other four films in the series are: Possum Trot: The Art of Calvin Black, The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder, Hundred and Two Mature: The Art of Harry Lieberman, and Angel That Stands By Me: Minnie Evans' Paintings. You can find information about them at They are video streaming on

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For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Allie Light, Irving Saraf, the distributor Light-Saraf Films, or Folkstreams.

Film Details

  • Film by: Allie Light, Irving Saraf
  • Produced by: Irving Saraf and Allie Light. Associate Producer: Lynn O'Donnell
  • Cinematographer: Philip Greene
  • Sound: Kirk Schuler
  • Editor: Irving Saraf and Allie Light
  • Other Credits: Music: Tucki Bailey; Sound Mix: Mark Berger; Assistant Camera: Robert Shoup; Grips: Lucy Kaplan, Peter Saraf; Consultant: Julia Weissman
  • Funding: Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Washington D.C., a federal agency. Additional funding The L.J. Skaggs and Mary C. Skaggs Foundation.
  • Original Format: Film: 16mm
  • ©1982, Irving Saraf and Allie Light
  • 28 mins, Color
  • Categories:
    AgingArts, Visionary and OutsiderWomen