Cajun Country (1991)

The Louisianna bayous combine West Indian, native American and hillbilly ingredients into a unique cultural gumbo. Alan Lomax's Cajun Country investigates Cajun's roots in Western France, visits their cattle drives, horse races, and barroom dances in rural Louisiana, and listens to the salty tales and raunchy songs of its black, white, and Indian music-makers.

The film facts page is filled with biographies of the artists in the film.

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For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Alan Lomax, the distributor Media_Generation, or Folkstreams.

Film Details

  • Film by: Alan Lomax
  • Produced by: Alan Lomax
  • Cinematographer: Nicholas Echeverria, Bruce Conque
  • Sound: Robert Zieniewicz
  • Editor: Nick Doob
  • Other Credits: Series Producer: Elisabeth Fink Benjamin. Research Consultant: Barry Ancelet. Studio Camera: Nick Doob. Associate Producer: Jaime Barrios. Consulting Producer: G. Haines Styles. Additional Camera: Toby Armstrong, Michael Doucet, John Bishop. Online Editor: Alan Miller, Susan Eldridge. Sound Mix: Stefan Bruck. Assistant Editor: Anna Pivarnik. Animation Camera: Mark Spada. Post-production Facilities: Rebo Studio, NVI, Kopel Films.
  • Funding: The American Patchwork Series was developed by the Association for Cultural Equity at Columbia University and Hunter College.
  • Original Format: 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
  • ©1991, Association for Cultural Equity
  • 56 mins, Color
  • Categories:
    African American CultureDanceFestivals/CustomsFoodwaysMusicPlayRegional CulturesReligionRural Life