Mr. Jimmy's Birthday Challenge (2009)

When Mr. Jimmy Moore challenged himself to run 80 kilometers in 1 day for his 80th birthday, his small Mississippi town got behind him to see if they too could "run their age," from age 8 to 80. Mr. Jimmy's quest reveals how a retired railroad man-turned extreme athlete could face the death of his wife and the limitations of his aging body to "enjoy life right up to the end."
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For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Samantha Davidson Green, the distributor , or Folkstreams.

Film Details

  • Film by: Samantha Davidson Green
  • Produced by: Samantha Davidson Green
  • Cinematographer: Samantha Green, Elizabeth Naughton, Jonathan Wysocki
  • Sound: John Dylan Keith
  • Editor: Samantha Davidson Green
  • Funding: Kenneth MacGowan Award, the Mary Pickford Award, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Award
  • Original Format: DV Mini
  • ©2009, Samantha Davidson Green
  • 26 mins, Color
  • Categories: