The Last Shovel Maker (1974)

Harvey Ward, age 87, carves beautiful grained shovels with a double edged axe.

Jack: “After directing “With These Hands: The Rebirth of the American Craftsman” for ABC and Johnson Wax, it won a blue ribbon blue ribbon at the American Film Festival. The New York State Council on the Arts saw that and asked if I’d do a picture about New York State craftsmen. I was writing “Portraits of Our Vanishing Inheritance” after seeing a handmade wooden shovel in an small upstate museum. That’s when I connected with Harvey Ward. I drove out to Sidney, NY and saw old, bent, tough Harvey standing on a pile of wood chips, holding a huge axe. I knew I had the picture at that moment. The NEH, the NY Council and some others came on board and “Inheritance” resulted.”

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Film Details

  • Film by: Jack Ofield
  • Produced by: Jack Ofield
  • Cinematographer: Richard Francis
  • Sound: Molly Sarret
  • Editor: Jack Ofield
  • Funding: New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment of the Arts
  • Original Format: Other
  • ©2006 Jack Ofield
  • 10 mins, Color
  • Categories:
    AgingArts & Crafts, TraditionalWork