Indian Field Camp Meeting (2007)

Woodward has devoted approximately seven years and filmed over 170 hours on five Lowcountry campgrounds: Cattle Creek located near Branchville, Cypress located near Ridgeville, Indian Field located near St. George, Shady Grove located near Rosinville and St. Paul located near Holly Hill. He visited each campground and spent several days filming and interviewing tent-goers during the week of their campmeeting rituals.

Cattle Creek Campground, established in 1786, runs the last week of July. Indian Field Campground, established in 1801, holds its campmeeting the last week of September. Cypress, established in 1794; Shady Grove, established in 1865 and St. Paul, established in 1875, celebrate their campmeetings in the month of October.

Woodward said "These campgrounds are part of a treasure of people, community and ancestral roots of which every other South Carolinian is deprived. Most of the state does not even know about it. These folks who have developed traditions are under the radar screens and are being threatened. My purpose is to preserve these traditions."

The project began over seven years with Woodward and others approaching various organizations for grants to fund this inspiration. He thought it could become a PBS documentary shown nationwide, but was turned down for some major national grants. In Nov. 2006, the project received $4,500 from the S.C. Arts Commission, which allowed him to take one month to edit the 170 hours of footage to come up with two hours of film.

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For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Stan Woodward, the distributor Woodward Studio, or Folkstreams.

Film Details

  • Film by: Stan Woodward
  • Produced by: Stan Woodward
  • Cinematographer: Stan Woodward
  • Sound: Stan Woodward
  • Editor: Stan Woodward
  • Funding: Humanities Council of South Carolina, Dorchester Historical Society, SC Arts Commission, College of Charleston
  • Original Format: DVCam: Sony
  • ©2007 The Woodward Studio Limited
  • 58 mins, Color
  • Categories: