From Mambo to Hip Hop (2006)

Mambo to Hiphop-HD 720 with time code from Folkstreams on Vimeo.

From Mambo to Hip-Hop dances through the history of a borough that nurtured two musical movements: the mambo that evolved into salsa, and the hip-hop that arose from the most desperate days of the South Bronx.  Mambo and hip-hop are the kind of melting-pot phenomena that New York heats and stirs. Their roots are African, refracted through the Caribbean and the city. In their beginnings both styles also reflected, and defied, the ghetto status and economic deterioration of the South Bronx.

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ALMA Award for Best Documentary 2006


For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Henry Chalfant, the distributor City Lore, Inc. , or Folkstreams.

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