The Virginia Peanut Story (2019)

The Virginia Peanut Story tells the rise and fall of the dominance of the Virginia/Carolina peanut industry. Aided by returning Union soldiers after the Civil War, railroads and tariffs, the peanut helped give rise to the golden age of agriculture. George Washington Carver & Amedeo Obici are both featured, as well as culinary historians Michael Twitty and Andrew Smith.
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Film Details

  • Film by: Amy Drewry
  • Produced by: Amy Drewry
  • Cinematographer: Eric Simon
  • Editor: Amy Drewry, Brandon Nance
  • Funding: Virginia Humanities, Birdsong Peanuts, Beazley Foundation, Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Assoc.,Farmer's Bank, Foundation for the Carolinas, Virginia Peanut Board
  • Original Format: AVCHD
  • ©2019, Amy Drewry
  • 58 mins, Color
  • Categories:
    AgricultureFoodwaysRegional CulturesRural LifeWork