Brooke Barnett

Brooke Barnett is Dean of the College of Communication at Butler University. She has served in several leadership roles and as a national consultant and speaker on academic and inclusive excellence. Before coming to Butler she served for nine years on the President’s cabinet at Elon University most recently as Associate Provost for Academic and Inclusive Excellence.

Barnett was the founding director of the Elon Program for Documentary Production. She has worked as news director, documentary producer, reporter and host/producer in public television. Her films have won awards, screened at festivals and aired on public television. 

Barnett regularly publishes and presents on media, inclusion, and leadership in higher education and her monographs and co-edited books include Intersectionality in Action: A Guide for Faculty and Campus Leaders for Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Institutions (2016)An Introduction to Visual Theory and Practice in the Digital Age (2011), The Press and Terrorism: An Uneasy Relationship (2009)Multidisciplinary Approaches to Communication Law Research (2006), Media Coverage of Crisis: The War on Terror and the Wars in Iraq (2005), and “Threatening and guilty: Visual bias in television news” (2003).