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Cheyney Hales

Cheyney Hales, now retired after forty years in the television and entertainment industries, counts “Dink” as among his best experiences. “ Dink Roberts was the sizzle at that edge where time meets life. I have worked side by side with Harry Reasoner, David Bowie, and Jerry Lewis,but Mr. Dink Roberts was also……a channel. Still , his every note resonates in me. It was a privilege to work with such professionals as Cece and Tommy. Our months of preproduction letus shoot at a ratio of 4 to 1. We did not have enough money to cause us problems. I hired Lee Sloan as our location sound recordist because he was also a film maker, AND a musician. The pay off was watching the broadcast of “Dink” in Mr. Dink’s daughter’s house with Dink Roberts and his family. They had an old black and white TV and our show about them looked just as good as every other TV broadcast. We all had a ball. Ha!”