John Jeremy

John Jeremy, who began his film career as film editor for directors such as Otto Preminger, Sidney J. Furie, and Seth Holt, has been a jazz fan since the age of eight. In 1969 his two interests, jazz and filmmaking, met when he directed the first of his unique, highly acclaimed jazz films, Blues Like Showers of Rain. Other film on Jazz include Jazz Is Our Religion, Born to Swing, and To the Count of Basie. last address in England... John Jeremy 6 Dukes Close, Westbourne Emsworth PO10 8FA England. 

See the John Jeremy website for more background and his filmography at

An email from 01/23/24 Stewart Morgan Hajdukiewicz writes...
 "Sadly due to his declining health Mr Jeremy is now unable to deal with enquiries or correspondence directly, and has nominated me to act in his place in all matters relating to his films."   Mr. Hajdukiewicz is at Jazzology  (at)