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Ali Colleen Neff

Ali Colleen Neff, formerly a Bay Area music writer, moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi in 2004. After a year of experiencing and documenting the music of that area, she entered the Folklore M.A. program at UNC-Chapel Hill. There, she continued her ethnographic work in African American music and co-created two films about the Mississippi Arts: "Home of the Double-Headed Eagle" and "Let the World Listen Right." After finishing her M.A., she moved on to the UNC Communications Studies Ph.D. program where she continues to study Afrodiasporic oral-musical improvisation. She is also currently working on a multimedia project about emerging visual artists in the Delta at <ahref=""> She has contributed to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, East Bay Express, SPIN, the Journal of American Folklore, Deep Magazine and other periodicals. She is currently working on a book about hip-hop in the Mississippi Delta.