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Hazen Robert Walker

Hazen Robert Walker has enjoyed a multi-faceted career as journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and community organizer. He began working professionally in radio at age 19 while at the University of Texas, where he earned undergraduate degrees in history and journalism, and later an M.A. in filmmaking. He was a reporter and feature writer for radio stations in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth, and for The Fort Worth Press.He worked and traveled extensively throughout Latin America. In Puerto Rico he was an instructor at the Peace Corps Training Center at Arecibo, and prior to that served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Medellín, Colombia, as part of the Peace Corps’ first urban community development program in Latin America. He was a consultant in grass-roots community organizing in West Virginia, and the Office of Economic Opportunity in San Francisco.Runaway, a public service announcement for which he was cinematographer, was a CLIO award finalist in 1977. His films and videos have been screened at Anthology Film Archives in New York City, at the Montreal Festival of New Film and Video, and at festivals in Tokyo, Toronto, Hamburg, Lima, and Mexico City. His documentary on the artist Howard Finster, Well Known Stranger, was featured at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester and on Downtown Community TV in New York City, televised in Chicago and Rochester, and distributed by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. For Exploring Sacred Boundaries, a series of six videos on the theme of suffering and compassion from Buddhist and Christian perspectives, Walker was cinematographer and co-producer. He has taught film and video production at the University of Texas, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and Virginia Tech. Since 1972 he has been under contract to the US State Department as an escort-interpreter, working with Spanish-speaking artists, jurists, educators, and scientists who have official visitor status to this country.His photographs appear in The Creative Camera by Nancy Howell-Koehler, Soulstepping by Elizabeth Fine, Torching the Fink Books, by Archie Green, and Music of Coal: Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields by Jack Wright—and have been shown in galleries in Blacksburg, Washington, and San Francisco. His short stories have been first prizewinners at the Wytheville Chautauqua and the Virginia Highlands Literary Festival. His novel, Starting from Zero, also was awarded first prize for a work in progress at the Virginia Highlands Festival. Currently, he writes and teaches tai chi in Blacksburg, Virginia.