Clog Dance (1959) (1959)

About the Film

During the Industrial Revolution, the working classes of northern England flocked to work in coal mines, pits and cotton mills to make a living. It was among these cobbled streets that the English tradition of clog dancing was born.

Although the clog dancing of northern England that we recognize today was started here, it was long before this that dancing in clogs began. It is thought that "clogging" came to England as early as the 1400s. It was at this time that the original completely wooden clogs altered and became leather shoes with wooden soles. In the 1500s, they changed again, and separate wooden pieces were used to make the heel and toe. This early dancing was less complicated than the later "clog dancing."

Porthmadog , known locally as "Port", is a small coastal town in the Eifionydd area of Gwynedd, in Wales. It developed in the 19th century as a port exporting slate to England and elsewhere, but since the decline of the industry it has become a shopping centre and tourist destination.

The Alan Lomax film "Oss Oss We Oss" is an excellent related fllm on Youtube at


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