Crossroads (1997)

About the Film

August 1996, in Uvalde, Texas: the Hernandez family holds a reunion, undoubtedly one of many such gatherings held that summer in small towns across the nation. Family reunions have a long tradition and offer opportunities for distant family members to bond, for the older members to reminisce, and for younger members to listen and learn. It is a chance to tell and hear family stories. Guillermo and Lorenza Hernandez were born in different countries, Mexico and the United States. But a border did not keep them from sharing a common heritage, a joint history, and a family. The Hernandez family reunion was the first attempt to bring together their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. While Guillermo and Lorenza have both passed on, the stories of their meeting, marriage, and life together were the inspiration for a family gathering and the catalyst for this documentary project.


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