Hong Kong Ghost Festival (1971)

About the Film

"Hungry Ghosts: Traditional Chiu Jau Ghost Festival in Urban Hong Kong
(1971) " is a 16 mm 28 minute color and sound ethnographic film,
produced in collaboration by Hong Kong ABC/TV (Mr. Pat Lett) and Hong
Kong University Centre for Asian Studies (Dr. Frank King). Dr. Frank
Kehl, was Director. (Other collaborators are listed in the Credits.)

The original copy is archived at the Hong Kong University Library.
Full credits are listed on the film

The dance components of the film were used by ethnomusicologist and
sometime Columbia University Professor Alan Lomax in his Cantometrics
Project to illustrate choreography around the world. (1980s)

Excerpts from the film were used in an ABC/TV film titled "Ghosts
Around the World." (1970s)

The Hong Kong Government Department of Education showed the film on
numerous occasions to primary and middle school students in the public
schools. (1970s - )

Funding for the film project came from an ethnographic film grant from
Harvard-Yenching Foundation to HKU to document Hong Kong Chinese
traditional culture.


For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Frank Kehl, the distributor, or Folkstreams.

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