Me and Stella (1976)

About the Film

Geri Ashur’s Me & Stella traces the life of blues musician, folk singer, and composer Elizabeth Cotten—and her guitar, Stella—who is best known for writing the folk standard “Freight Train.” After spending her early teenage years writing songs and playing the guitar, Cotten put her musical career on hold for three decades. Encouraged by the very musical Seeger family, for whom she worked as a maid, Cotten started recording and became a star in the 1960s burgeoning folk revival at an age when most people are contemplating retirement.

The original materials for this film are in the Richard Brick collection at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Butler Library, Columbia University, New York


For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Geri Ashur, the distributor, or Folkstreams.

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