Mennonites of Manitoba (1998)

About the Film

It is the story of a modest, peaceful, religious people. A people who have fled from Holland to Poland, from Poland to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to Manitoba, where they have held on to their distinctive culture and common history for 125 years. In the summer of 1874, a German speaking group of Mennonite immigrants from Russia, began to flow into the virgin prairie of southern Manitoba.

They settled on land that was very much like the land they had known for centuries. Sixty-thousand Mennonites now live along a band of fertile land hugging the Canadian American border. With core of beliefs centered around a faith in God, leading a productive life, and pacifism, the Mennonites have lived in Manitoba for more than 125 years. They are a religious people who over the last 125 years have flavored Manitoba with their faith, love for their neighbors and love of agriculture.

This film explores how Manitoba has shaped the Mennonites. What kind of an impact as well as what contributions the Mennonites have made to Manitoba and how they have been able to sustain their culture in the face of so much change.


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