Scandinavian Folk Music in Minnesota (2014)

About the Film

Scandanavian Folk Music in Minnesota celebrates the musical and cultural legacy that grew out of the Scandinavian immigration to Minnesota- a legacy that is still being practiced by Scandinavian descendants and American musicians alike. By documenting these people, their work and dedication to their heritage, we are able to see the mutual American and Scandinavian musical history being acknowledged through inspiration, practicing and renewal of Scandinavian folk music.


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Film Details

  • Produced by: Gunhild Oeibakken Pedersen/ScanAmerica
  • Sound: Gunhild Oebakken Pedersen
  • Editor: Gunhild Oeibakken Pedersen
  • Other Credits: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, World Music Denmark/Folkemusikeskretariatet
  • Funding: Sekretariatet for Folkemusik
  • Original Format: DV Mini
  • © Creative Commons
  • 20mins, Color
  • Categories:
    Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures Music