Vernon Florida

About the Film

A documentary on the eccentric residents of Vernon, Florida.

Some background on the film from Wikipedia....After reading an article about the citizens of Vernon, Florida's propensity for collecting insurance money after losing limbs in accidents, Errol Morris, with financial help from filmmaker Werner Herzog, spent most of a year living in the town. During this time, he tried to interview the residents about these accidents and was met with hostility, even receiving a death threat.

In 1980, following the release of his first film Gates of Heaven, Morris secured funding from WNET and ZDF and returned to Vernon with the intention to make the "Nub City" documentary. After receiving further threats from the residents, including an incident in which someone tried to hit his cinematographer with a truck, Morris decided to move forward with the documentary without the "Nub City" angle; electing instead to produce a documentary about the eccentricities of the town.]

A review in the January 16, 1982, issue of The New York Times said of Morris' approach to the film..."He lets it all go on a bit too long, but his film is humorous, idiosyncratic and fond. The fancifulness of his subjects is something he appears to appreciate and enjoy."


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