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The VAFP site was funded as part of a 2005 Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant to the www.folkstreams.net project. Our purpose is to supplement already existing Film Preservation Guides (http://www.filmpreservation.org/) with video demonstrations. These preservation guides, while excellent and thorough, are mostly text. Handling film is like working with a sewing machine. Basic activities like splicing, rewinding, cleaning, and repairing are best demonstrated by moving images.

The site is set up as a dynamic database of video clips that can build over time. The clips can be streamed in Real and Mpeg 4 or be downloaded in Mpeg 4 files. The films and clips are under the rules of Creative Commons which allows anyone to use these clips with attribution --in this case, attribution to the VAFP site and to the author of the clip and his company.

The project is directed by the filmmaker Tom Davenport (www.davenportfilms.com) and this web site was designed by Steve Knoblock who developed the code that runs www.folkstreams.net. Video streaming is provided by www.ibiblio.org at the University of North Carolina. The clips are provided by contributors – skilled craftpersons working in film preservation.

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