The Craig Editing Kit

Clip by Bob Brodsky (http://www.littlefilm.org)
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The Craig viewer has a straight path that is gentle on shrunken film. Bob Brodsky demonstrates the Craig kit with a 50 year old 16-mm film. He cleans the viewer with Lemon Pledge and a Q-tip. Using his "Minette" cement splicer with adjustable pins, he finds an old splice that breaks and re-splices it. Because the scraped emulsion area of the old splice is larger than that area on the Minette splicer, Bob redoes the splice, losing a frame but eliminating the clear line that was apparent in the old splice area.

This video relates to the following chapters in the companion volume Guide to Film Preservation:

  • 3.5 Repairing Film
  • 3.7 Equipment for Every Budget

Film Gauges in this clip:

  • 16mm


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