The Bell & Howell Regent, Design 122, Model L 8mm Projector.

Clip by Bob Brodksy (http://www.littlefilm.org)
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Bob Brodsky cleans up his father's 8mm Bell & Howell Regent, Design 122, Model L projector. It is all gear driven and with a 500W 120V lamp and removable condenser lens, just like the Bell & Howell 16mm projector. Brodsky recalls "When, in 1953, my father retired, his fellow employees called our house to learn what they might given him for his retirement years. They happened to reach me, then a high school junior. Without hesitation I responded, 'A movie outfit!' The Regent was part of it, as was the most basic B&H point and shoot camera. Dad and I used them both."

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  • 3.7 Equipment for Every Budget

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  • 8mm - Regular


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