Splicing leader on to 16mm audio full coat tape

Clip by Bob Brodsky (http://littlefilm.org)
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Bob Brodsky uses a Ciro Guillotine splice to attach a piece of leader to the head of a short end roll of full coat 16mm audio magnetic tape. In the demonstration he makes a common mistake and cuts the leader backward (the diagonal cut is in the wrong direction). He redoes the cut and joins the leader and full coat magnetic track with tape. The leader must be dull side (emulsion or coated side) up and base side down, and the magnetic track is base up and emulsion down (opposite from the leader's orientation). By doing this, only the hard, base side of the leader goes over the sound heads. This prevents any emulsion buildup on the sound heads and keeps them cleaner.

This video relates to the following chapters in the companion volume Guide to Film Preservation:

  • 2.5 Sound Tracks
  • 3.5 Repairing Film

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  • 16mm


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