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Splicing leader to shrunken 16mm film, Part 3

How do you splice new leader to a shrunken 16mm film, part 3?

Bob Brodsky shows how a tape splice can be made on a cement splicer, in this case a Japanese-made "LPL" splicer. The pins in this splicer have been bent to adjust to the shrunken film. Using a razor blade he cuts the shrunken film correctly across the perforation holes. He then trims the new leader with a simple splicing block, using a razor. The new leader and old film are joined, on the LPL splicer, using press tape on both sides of the film.Presstape is available from Kodak Motion Picture Imaging 1-800-621-3456.

Clip by Bob Brodsky (http://littlefilm.org)

Film Gauges in this clip:

  • 16mm

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