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Tips on identifying materials for disaster recovery

How do you identify different types of audio and video tapes?

Audio and videotape restoration expert, Peter Brothers, presents tips on how to identify audio and video tape materials and distinguish them from film. This demonstration shows how reel to reel tapes are identified by their width, how cassettes are labeled by brand and type (3/4" U-matic, Betasp, VHS, Hi-8, etc). How cassettes include information about the length of the tape in minutes on the cassette. There is much good disaster recovery information on his website http://www.specsbros.comTIP: Acetate audio tape is distinguished from Polyester tape by holding the reel up to a light. If you can see light through the tape reel it is acetate tape. The opposite is true with motion picture film -- you can see through polyester film and not acetate film.

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