Guide to Film Preservation

The Guide to Film Preservation is available in printed form or PDF files. How to get these from current NFPF website is a little obscure, so we are offering direct links to the files.

To order the Gude to Film Preservation, you must navigate Home > preservation basics > The Film Presevation Guide. On this area you will find links to order the book version or download PDF files to print out on your own. We cannot offer a direct link to the guide because of the Flash and frames used to implement the NFPF website. Or you may use our direct links (these are subject to change).

The direct link to the order form is: http://www.filmpreservation.or... We only give the address here because it is subject to change. You must enter the URL into the Location window of your web browser.

  1. Contents, Introduction, and Why Preserve Film? (98 KB)
  2. Understanding Film and How It Decays (210 KB)
  3. Film Handling and Inspection (475 KB)
  4. The Curatorial Role (78 KB)
  5. Duplication (341 KB)
  6. Storage (166 KB)
  7. Cataloging (86 KB)
  8. Legal Context for Film Preservation (72 KB)
  9. Access (180 KB)
  10. Glossary, Edge Code Chart, Print Condition Report, Vendor Lists, Selective Bibliography, and Index (216 KB)
  11. Full 138-page text (1527 KB)
  12. Print Condition Report (38 KB)