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Links to recommended resources:

  • Care of Home Collections - From the Moving Image Collections Portal
  • Center for Home Movies - Center for Home Movies
  • Film Forever - Provides simple guidelines for preserving motion picture film materials outside of specialized archives, with a focus on storage at home.
  • Film Preservation Guide - Guide to film preservation. This is a "companion" book to the VAFP website, where you will find streaming video with references to the printed guide where appropriate.
  • Folkstreams - Folk documentary films.
  • Format ID and Tech Information - From the Moving Image Collections Portal
  • Home Movie Day - Home page for Home Movie Day, a day devoted to preservation of home movies.
  • Image Permanence Institute (IPI) - The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) is a university-based, nonprofit research laboratory devoted to scientific research in the preservation of visual and other forms of recorded information.
  • National Archives Conservation pages - Tips on disaster recovery for variety of media including film and magnetic tape.
  • National Film and Sound Archive Preservation Handbook - New Zealand National Film and Sound Archive preservation handbook. Covers many aspects of film construction and preservation.
  • Netherlands Film Museum - The Filmmuseum is Holland's museum for cinematography. The museum's collection of films covers the whole of the history of cinema from the very first silent films, dating from the late 19th century, up to the latest contemporary digital productions.
  • Prestospace - Provides technical solutions and integrated systems for digital preservation of all types of audiovisual collections.