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 Basketmaker: Elizabeth Proper
The Fiddlers of James Bay

This National Film Board of Canada documentary traces the history of the fiddle’s arrival in Canada 300 years ago via Scottish traders from Orkney Island.

Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Music, Native American, Canada / Canada / 1980
28 minutes | Read More

Shady Grove Camp Ground

Documentary producer and filmmaker Stan Woodward has devoted approximately seven years and filmed over 170 hours on five Lowcountry campgrounds

/ South / 2007
11 minutes | Read More

Lord Have Mercy: Olger's Store

Colorful documentary about Jimmy Olger, proprietor of Olger's Store and Museum in Virginia.

/ South / 1998
35 minutes | Read More

Indian Field Camp Meeting

Documentary producer and filmmaker Stan Woodward has devoted approximately seven years and filmed over 170 hours on five Lowcountry campgrounds

Customs, Religion, Festivals/Customs / South / 2007
58 minutes | Read More

Drake's Barbecue

Drake's is a a barbecue shack back off the they pull in and Stan begins to shoot, the owner appears and begins waving and calling him to come eat "the best barbecue and brunswick stew in Georgia."

Foodways, Women, Regional / South / 2014
09 minutes | Read More


Every year in Brunswick, Georgia the town holds a folk heritage festival celebrating the roots of Brunswick stew - roots that they claim which are also claimed by Brunswick County, Virginia.

Customs, Foodways, Regional / South / 2005
30 minutes | Read More

Cooperative Grocery

This is a remarkable "inside" glimpse into Southern folk culture and the roots of Southern "raconteurship" at it’s most authentic and best.

Customs, Foodways, Regional / South / 2008
17 minutes | Read More

Cattle Creek Camp Part 1

For many families at Cattle Creek Campground, the annual camp meeting signifies a time of fellowship when families can spend a week away from the hectic pace of modern life.

Customs, Religion, Family, Festivals/Customs / South / 2007
18 minutes | Read More

Chicken Bog of the Pee Dee Region

Chicken bog is a delicious chicken, rice and sausage dish, and it’s very much a South Carolina thing. Folks in surrounding states are likely to give you a blank stare if you mention it.

Customs, Foodways, Regional / South / 2014
02 minutes | Read More

Cypress Camp Meeting

Cypress Methodist Camp Ground is one of only a few campgrounds in South Carolina which continues to host annual week-long camp meetings—a vestige of the Great Awakening in American religious life in the nineteenth century.

Customs, Regional, Rural Life / South / 2007
43 minutes | Read More

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