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Paj Ntaub: Textile Techniques†of the Hmong

Hmong textile art, Paj ntaub or "flower cloth" consists of textile arts traditionally practiced by Hmong people. The Hmong, a nomadic group originating in China, migrated through the centuries into Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Closely related to practices of other ethnic minorities in China, the embroidery consists of bold geometric designs often realized in bright, contrasting colors. Different patterns and techniques of production are associated with geographical regions and cultural subdivisions within the global Hmong community.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures / Northeast / 1996
40 minutes | Read More | Preview

Scandinavian Traditions

Scandinavian Traditions takes a nostalgic look at childhood memories and family traditions and shows us that there is more to being Scandinavian than Ole and Lena jokes ó this heritage is something to celebrate!

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Customs, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures / Midwest / 2002
59 minutes | Read More

Mennonites of Manitoba

The Mennonites of Manitoba is the story of a modest, peaceful, religious people. A people who have fled from Holland to Poland, from Poland to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to Manitoba, where they have held on to their distinctive culture and common history for 125 years.

Customs, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Religion, Agriculture, Family / Midwest / 1998
56 minutes | Read More | Preview

Scandinavian Folk Music in Minnesota

Scandanavian Folk Music in Minnesota celebrates the musical and cultural legacy that grew out of the Scandinavian immigration to Minnesota- a legacy that is still being practiced by Scandinavian descendants and American musicians alike.

Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Music / Midwest / 2014
20 minutes | Read More


Schmeckfest is a collection of vignettes filmed in the kitchens of cooks who remember milking cows on cold North Dakota mornings; at a cafe that still serves the traditional Knoepfla Soup; and at a modern Schmeckfest where, to use the literal definition of a Schmeckfest, people celebrate with a 'festival of food.'

Foodways, Aging / Midwest / 2000
55 minutes | Read More

Prairie Quilts

Prairie Quilts explores the wonderful works of art, expressions of love, and legacies of comfort being made by contemporary quilters.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Customs, Women, Family / Midwest / 1999
28 minutes | Read More

Fish Decoys
Join host Mark Greenig as he journeys through the lake country of Minnesota to meet with some of the best fish decoy carvers in the world. Meet John Jenson, Duey Johnston, Jay McEvers, Otis Lael, Bob Johnson, Lawrence Bethel, and others as they share web-dltheir stories and a few secrets to their success. Learn the history of fish decoys, how they work, and how they're made. Discover why fish decoys have evolved from being tools for survival to highly sought after works of art.
Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Sports/Hunting / Midwest / 2000
27 minutes | Read More

LaVaughn Robinson: Dancing History

LaVaughn Robinson, a National Heritage Fellowship award winner, was a tap-dance virtuoso on the big-band circuit in the 1940s and í50s who became a master teacher and a major force in tapís revival.

Dance, Aging, African American Culture / Northeast / 2003
29 minutes | Read More

A Cowhand's Song

This evocative documentary examines the plight of the ranchers of Nevada and California, who find their grazing areas increasingly threatened by many groups (even environmentalists) competing for use of the same public lands on which these ranchers depend.

Agriculture, Rural Life, Social Justice/Protest / West / 1981
30 minutes | Read More

Ranch Album

Ranch Album celebrates rough country ranching in Northern Arizona and shows real cowboy life.

Work, Agriculture, Rural Life / West / 1987
01 hour, 04 minutes | Read More | Preview

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