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Finah Misa Kule (2015)

About the Film

In Search of Finah Misa Kule chronicles the quest of a poet to find his African roots. Kewulay Kamara returns with his son to his native Village of Dankawali in northeast Sierra Leone to reconstitute an ancient epic that was written out by his father in the 1960s only to be destroyed when the village was razed during the Civil War in Sierra Leone. What emerges is the story of a people who live by the word.


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Film Details

  • Film by: Kewulay Kamara
  • Produced by: Steve Zeitlin, City Lore, Kewulay Kamara
  • Cinematographer: Robert Penn
  • Sound: Ben Clore
  • Editor: Lee Eaton, Linda Hattendorf
  • Other Credits: Music, Mamadou Diabate
  • Funding: AE Ventures Foundation, The Genographic Legacy Foundation, National Geographic, Mr. & Mrs. Shirley Jackson, NYSCA, Ritchie & Melissa Post Foundation, Ford Foundation, NEV Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Mary & Richard Breuninger
  • Original Format: Other
  • © 2015 Kewulay Kamara
  • 41mins, Color
  • Categories:
    CustomsEthnic & Immigrant CulturesNarrative & Verbal ArtsFamilyFestivals/CustomsAfrican American Culture