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Kewulay Kamara

Kewulay Kamara is poet/ storyteller from Sierra Leone. His poetry and stories are based on the Mandeng oral traditions of the Jali (musicians and bards) and the Fina (poets, historians, and masters of ceremony).

Mr. Kamara comes from a Fina lineage. He works with the traditional ensemble format of the Jali and Fina working together.

He is based in New York City where has performed in major venues and cultural centers, including Symphony Space, City Center, The Great Hall at Cooper Union, Museum Natural History, and the Museum for African Art in various capacities as poet, storyteller, host and presenter. He presents and performs regularly at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Mr. Kamara has been featured in numerous journals and television including the New York Times, TBS, PBS, and National Public Radio CNN and other media outlets. He is a regular participant in the bi-annual Peoples Poetry Gathering in New York City.

His works appear in journals and periodicals such as black scholar, Rhythm Magazine, and Teacher and Writers.

He is a founder and director of Badenya, Inc. a not-for-profit organization that utilizes the presentation of African arts as a community building and bridge building tool.