Buck Season at Bear Meadows Sunset Entire Folkstreams

Making The Film

Buck Season at Bear Meadows Sunset

Film by George Hornbein, Kenneth Thigpen
Produced by Documentary Resource Center
Cinematographer: George Hornbein
Sound: Tom Keiter, Paul Bertalan, Tom Hesketh
Editing: George Hornbein, Bruce Guerney
Copyright: 1984, Documentary Resource Center
26 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1984
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Hunting camps dot the ridges and valleys of northern Appalachia. Here families and friends gather annually for the white-tail deer hunt--a major cultural event for the men of the region.

This is a portrait of one camp, one of the oldest and most traditional. The men hunt the old way: they drive the deer. They keep the traditions of their grandfathers' camp alive in the stories they tell and the way they hunt.