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Larry Edelman

Larry Edelman, from Denver, Colorado, is a video/film producer, musician, and traditional square dance caller. As a video/film producer, Larry has produced several hundred works in the fields of early childhood, disabilities, music, and dance. During the 1980s while collecting traditional square dances in southwestern Pennsylvania, he was awarded a Fellowship in Folk Arts from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts to study with elder square dance caller Jerry Goodwin, and produced the movie “Dance to the Music and Listen to the Calls” that documented the apprenticeship. Since moving to Colorado more than 20 years ago, Larry began studying the music of the southwest and produced the documentary "Eva Nuanez: Memories of My Musical Life." Larry is a Consultant to the Square Dance History Project. After completing, "Dance All Night – The Highwoods Stringband Story,” he began production of a feature-length documentary about the Canote Brothers, to be released in 2021. Larry plays fiddle, mandolin, and guitar with the Fiddle Dogs, the Soda Rock Ramblers, the Percolators, and the Prairie Chickens and has taught and called traditional square dances for more than 40 years, delighting both novice and veteran dancers with his humor, enthusiasm, skillful teaching, knowledge of dance history, and colorful calling. Larry travels widely and has performed, called, and taught hundreds of workshops at music and dance camps and festivals throughout the U.S. and in Europe, including the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Ashokan, Augusta, Pinewoods, Lady of the Lake, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, Berkeley Old-Time Music Convention, Austin Old-Tine String Band Festival, Dare to Be Square-West, and many more.