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Maggie Holtzberg-Call

Maggie Holtzberg is the Manager of the Folk Arts & Heritage Program at theMassachusetts Cultural Council. As a folklorist, she works closely withtraditional artists and communities through documentary fieldwork, grantprograms and technical assistance. She has conducted field researchthroughout the state of Massachusetts documenting traditional arts andestablished a traditional arts archive. She is the author of The Lost Worldof the Craft Printer (1992), Portrait of Spirit: One Story at a Time (1996),producer of the sound recording Georgia Folk: A Sampler of Traditional Sound(1990), and co-director/producer of the documentary film Gandy Dancers(1994). Holtzberg holds a Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the Universityof Pennsylvania and served as Folklife Program Director of the GeorgiaCouncil for the Arts prior to coming to Massachusetts.