Barbecue & Home Cooking (2004)

About the Film

Filmmaker Stan Woodward is joined by South Carolina folklorist Saddler Taylor in this “road film” that travels a spontaneous investigating-and-recording-as-you-go journey through the farm roads and by-ways of four rural South Carolina counties. There, they find home cooking and barbecue prepared by folk-heritage culinary food artisans using ancestral recipes and methods that have been passed on to them by mothers cooking over wood-stoves and fathers cooking in BBQ pits dug in the ground.


For licensing, film rights and permissions, contact Stan Woodward, the distributor Woodward Studio, or Folkstreams.

Film Details

  • Film by: Stan Woodward
  • Produced by: Stan Woodward
  • Cinematographer: Stan Woodward
  • Sound: Stan Woodward, Jay Williams, Michael Scott
  • Editor: Stan Woodward
  • Funding: The Barnwell County Arts Council, The South Carolina Heritage Corridor, Santee Cooper Power, South Carolina Arts Commission, Humanities Council, Aiken County Parks, Recs and Department of Tourism, Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce
  • Original Format: DVCam: Sony
  • © 2004 The Woodward Studio, Ltd.
  • 56mins, Color
  • Categories:
    Foodways Rural Life