Drake‘s Barbecue (2014)

About the Film

Stan Woodward and Jay Williams (Chief Curator, McKissick Museum) are on the way to a shoot in Brunswick, Georgia, to be used in the Southern Stews documentary when they come upon a barbecue shack back off the road that has a hooded area in front for shade that is loaded with taxidermied as well as plastic animals and a large white stuffed dog. As they pull in and Stan begins to shoot, the owner appears and begins waving and calling him to come eat "the best barbecue and brunswick stew in Georgia." The spontaneous handheld camera follows this leg-pulling and joke-cracking owner to the ordering window where a hilarious exchange about brunswick stew ensues and soon extends itself to a sampling as well as a personal tour into the owners Elvis relic room, ending with an introduction to her caged pet hog!


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