Becoming Geppetto (2022)

About the Film

Surrounded by farmland in a small town in northern Wisconsin, father and son luthier duo, Bruce and Matt Petros make world-renowned acoustic guitars. These guitars have been played around the world by music giants like Paul Simon, and this documentary showcases the quiet lives that create some of the most skillfully handcrafted instruments available. Becoming Geppetto gives us an intimate and serenely meditative front-row seat to the Petros's guitar making process, as well as a look into their family life and history (guitar making went from Bruce Petros's hobby as an aimless college student to a successful and sustaining family business). As a bonus, the film is frequently and delightfully punctuated by wonderful musical performances on those ornate, resonant Petros guitars.

The performers who appear in the film:
After being "discovered" performing on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, Macyn Taylor attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Peck School of Arts with an MFA in musical performance Her debut solo album, "Macyn Taylor" was released in 2012.
Performer/composer Kinloch Nelson hails from Buffalo, NY. His album "Partly In Time" features his solo guitar compositions. His music has been featured in "Acoustic Guitar Sessions" in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and he was featured in a podcast with the Fretboard Journal.
Paul Clark, a singer/songwriter from Kansas, MIssouri, is a founding member of the Contemporary Christian Music Industry. He has performed widely both in local churches and large festivals. He has recorded 20 solo albums featuring his original songs and compositions.
Mau Lao is a composer/performer based in Montreal. His original compositions draw from both classical and traditional genres. His many compositions, performed by him, can be heard on youtube.
Mark Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and instrument designer. Since 1998 he has recorded and toured as guitarist, and Musical Director, with Paul Simon. and has worked with many recording artists including Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. He is curator of the Mass MoCA exhibit of musical instruments.
Guitarist/singer/songwriter Ric Blair, is founder and band leader for the Nashville Celts, who perform a hybrid of Irish Americana music with contemporary and traditional instruments.. They have performed at the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium and Lincoln Center and their Christmas Special was aired on PBS. Their latest album release is "Traveling On".


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