Ehrhardt Five and Dime (2007)

About the Film

There are two downtown stores that have been the cornerstone of Ehrhardt, South Carolina. These businesses have been there for nearly a hundred years, the Ehrhardt 5 and 10, and Ehrhardt Grocery, once formerly called the L.M. Hiers and sons, both now owned and operated by Donald Hiers, the son of Claude Hiers, and the grandson of L. M. Hiers.He is quiet, always a smile on his face, a grin in his demeanor, and unobtrusive. "But he can be talkative," as one Ehrhardt native describes him. Hiers (Donald) was born and raised in Ehrhardt, but probably raised more in the 5 and 10 (five and dime) and the grocery store, than on the playgrounds and sand lots of Ehrhardt. Hiers is also a 1954 graduate of Ehrhardt High School and the Citadel in 1959.


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