The Frog King or Faithful Henry (1981)

About the Film

The Frog King is part of a series of folktale adaptations done by Folkstreams founder/director Tom Davenport.

“The Frog King” is about the importance of valuing others, as well as the awkwardness of growing up (for both the princess and the frog). It is filmed in an upper-class, late-nineteenth-century American setting, with a wealthy industrialist as the “king.” When a young princess breaks her promise of friendship to a frog that helped her find a lost plaything, the frog follows her home. The princess’ father insists that she keep her promise despite the frog’s outlandish behavior. Annoyed by the animal’s antics, the princess finally throws him against the wall—and he is transformed into a handsome young prince. The two young people live happily ever after, and the prince’s servant (Faithful Henry) is released from the bonds of his sorrow over his master’s predicament.


  • CINE Golden Eagle, American Film Festival, Blue Ribbon


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