Mutzmag or the Girl Who Killed the Cannibals (1992)

About the Film

“Mutzmag” is an Appalachian variant of a Scottish tale, “Molly Whuppy,” brought to the United States by early immigrants. It is set in the Appalachian baclcwoods, circa 1920. Mutzmag is a 12-year-old girl who lives with her mother and her two abusive half-sisters, Poll and Nance, in a tumble-down shack on the edge of a cabbage patch. After their mother dies, the girls decide to leave the mountain shack and “seek their fortunes” in the city. On the way they encounter a witch and a simple-minded, but brutal giant who plot to kill and eat the girls. Thanks to Mutzmag’s quick thinking, the girls escape.

Starring: Robbie Sams (Mutzmag), Sheilia Kay Adams (Mother), Eve Moening (Poll), Michelle Johson (Nance), Nancy Robinette (Scared Lady), Stephanie Jones (Witch), Bart Whiteman (Giant), Jerry Plemmons (Rich Man), Jan Meredith (Rich Man's Wife).


  • CINE Golden Eagle, American Film Festival, Blue Ribbon


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